Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scrub Love

My daughter is in danger of becoming a spa addict.  She's only six, and she loves massages, aromatherapy oil burners and scrubs.

I try to get the most natural and gentlest scrubs for her.  She alternates Ahava Gentle Body Exfoliator and VMV Pampering Peony Skin Softening Supple-Scrubbing Body Smear for her body, depending on her mood.  

Ahava Gentle Body Exfoliator and VMV Pampering Peony Scrub

The Ahava is almost like cream.  The Peony scrub, on the other hand, has bigger granules.

Both products are not harsh on the skin, but very effective.  I'm not really a fan of scrubs, but I enjoy using them.  They leave my skin feeling very soft and smooth.

If you prefer fragrant beauty products, these may not be for you.  They smell clean, just the way I like my toiletries.

My daughter uses Giga Foot Scrub for her feet.

Giga Foot Scrub

It rejuvenates tired feet, and it has an appealing peppermint scent.  I love that it's all natural.

My daughter has to finish off with this after her foot scrub.

This was given by a friend a few years ago.  I don't know what it's called but I know it came from Beauty Bar.  This foot thing feels SOOO GOOD!!!  It relaxes tired feet.  To use just pour liquid soap on it, then rub your foot.

My daughter says if I'm The Vain Mom then she must be The Vain Kid.

I couldn't agree more  =D


Anonymous said...

i wouldn't be surprised if mandy starts blogging one of these days ... mandy's such a cutie pie!!!

The Vain Mom said...

Thanks =D she adores the nyx strawberries & cream lipstick you gave her =D