Friday, September 24, 2010

The Best Foundation Brush

I use Guerlain Parure Gold liquid foundation on weekdays when I have work, and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer on weekends. 

Some people use their fingers to apply these.  Others prefer to use a sponge.

Me?  I like to brush them on my face.

I've been on a quest for the perfect foundation brush for the longest time.  So here's a review of brushes I actually bought and which I have been using regularly.

My first foundation brush was the regular paddle-shaped synthetic type that is chiseled at the tip.  It's best for liquid foundations and can also be used for cream blushes and skincare cream products.

This foundation brush is from the Suesh 10-pc. brush set.

It's used like a paint brush.  You dip it into the liquid foundation and spread the product in your face using broad, downward strokes.

Use the chiseled tip to blend foundation into hard-to-reach areas such as the nose, hairline and around the lips and mouth.  I use this brush when I'm in a hurry, because foundation can be applied with it FAST.  The only downside is that it leaves streaks on the face, but these are easy to blend with your fingertips.  I also find that pressing the foundation into your face with the palm of your hands after brushing it on helps set the product.

My second brush?

The flat top foundation brush.

According to Suesh, this brush is made from a combination of natural goat hair and synthetic hair for the 'precise application of emollient cream or liquid foundation and cheek color.'  To use just dip the brush in the foundation and spread the product in small circular motions to blend into the skin.

This brush actually applies and blends foundation very well.  The only downside is that you tend to use more product than usual.

I find that it makes the application of  my  VMV Big O'Glow on my cheek really easy.  This product has a very pretty, sheer dewy effect but its sticky consistency makes it difficult and tricky to apply.

I also tried the brush on my cream and powder blushes.  Same verdict.  It blends very well but uses up a lot of the product.

Now let's talk about my third and newest brush.  The stippling brush (similar to the MAC 187 brush) is also made of synthetic and goat hairs and can be used for both powder and liquid makeup.

You don't 'brush' on the foundation with a stippling brush, you STIPPLE it.  And how exactly is this done?  The best demonstration I've seen on the internet is by Koren Zander of EnKoreMakeup.  Watch this video and see for yourself.

What Koren said about this brush having an airbrushed effect on the face while using less foundation than usual are ALL TRUE!

When I stipple my foundation and tinted moisturizer on my face, the coverage is sooo good!

I have one observation though.  You've got to put the foundation on a palette or any flat surface that won't absorb it.  Stippling foundation from the back of your hand is harder because of the uneven surface.  The skin on your hand also absorbs the product which results in wastage.

The stippling brush is a great applicator for my pressed powder.  It distributes the product evenly on my face and I find it easy to use.

My pressed powder actually came with a nice sponge applicator . . .

But I just prefer brushes.  Even when I'm on the go.

I use this retractable travel powder/blush brush.

I chose it over the kabuki because I have a lot of powder brushes, and it's not so wide you can still use it as a blush brush.  Plus it's retractable, so just throw it in your purse.  No need to worry it'll get squashed.


Anyway, let's go back to the stippling brush.  I find that it works very well with my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, which I use for highlighting my cheekbones.

It's also the best brush for my Bobbi Brown pot rouge.  If you use this product you know how tricky it is to apply it.  But the end results are great.  It makes you look dewy and fresh.  I tried using the regular foundation brush with this but it's quite difficult.  So for the longest time I've been using my fingers.  I'm really thankful for the stippling brush. 

It's also great for applying powder blushes.  

Before I used to dip my blush brush into the product and blow or tap the excess off so the blush wouldn't look too concentrated on my face.  With the stippling brush I can apply the blush directly to my face, minus the tapping and blowing.

My friend Ann, who has just learned to appreciate makeup, has a hard time applying blush evenly with the regular blush brush.  But she swears applying powder blush with her stippling brush is a breeze.

I also use it for my MUFE HD powder and my Guerlain Meteorites.

I love the stippling brush so much I got the mini version, also from Suesh.  Here it is with the regular stippling brush, so you'll have an idea of its size.

A closer view.

Which foundation brush is best for me? Obviously I'd go for the stippling brush.  It has the BEST blending ability and it's a multi-tasker, plus it minimizes product wastage.  If you're someone who invests in makeup this is definitely a must buy. 


Anonymous said...

In my many years of applying make-up, it is only now that I appreciate the real use of applicators. I really love the them! Perfect not just for professionals but for beginners too. It may be expensive but worth it because it's long lasting and pores are well kept! Because of her convincing power through her blog, I just got recently another 3 aside from the set I got before. Thanks to the Vain Mom. I am glad you are vain!

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me borrow your stippling brush...when i used it, i just had to have one as well...for a newbie like me, i'm finding it difficult to put on blush evenly, but with this great tool, i am able to spread it evenly on my own...=)i'm loving my retractable brush too =) i just throw it in my bag without ruining the hair...they were both good buys...thanks for sharing them with me =)

The Vain Mom said...

You're welcome guys =D I actually started this blog so I can share my beauty finds in detail. Aren't Suesh products great? They have good quality brushes which are reasonably priced. I used to buy my brushes from Shu Uemura and Bobbi Brown. They're good but they're priced really steep. Suesh gives me more bang for my buck. Love that store! =D