Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Melissa: Plastic Dreams

Do you have sleek high-heels that are so comfortable you can wear them all day and are really sturdy you can walk in the rain with them?

I do =D  Got them from Melissa.

This pair can take me from formal meetings to cocktails.

Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon II

And these can take me from casual to dress-up.

Scarfun in Black and Mermaid in Pearl

Perfect for jeans and dresses.

And if their heels are THAT comfortable, how do I describe their flats?

Ultragirl and Campana Favela

Not to mention pretty  =D

Forgot what the peach pair is called.  Silver pair is Ultragirl.
Their flipflops?  It's comfort plus style.

I can't have enough of them.  I WANT WANT WANT these Jean Paul Gaultier stilletos.

I love that Melissa shoes are eco-friendly.  According to, they're made from "MELFLEX plastic, a patented, hypo-allergenic, recyclable, and extremely flexible PVC. The shoes are totally cruelty free and devoid of animal products. The Brazilian-based company is totally rad in its recycling of 99.9% of factory water and waste, and they also go the distance by recycling overstock styles into next season’s collection." 

I'm lifting a few FAQs from for those of you who 'don't really like plastic':

      • 1)  Are Melissas hot and do they make your feet sweat?
        Only the most comfortable and ‘breathable’ types of PVC are used. As is the case with all shoes, an important factor to consider regarding this question is whether the style being worn is appropriate for the season in which it is being worn. With the open styles, there is no difference between wearing melissa and a normal leather shoe. With the more closed-in styles, melissa ensures that ventilation is incorporated into the design of the shoe. melissa customers frequently wear the more closed-in styles during summer, for example Ultragirl.  ‘melissa Australia’ has NOT had one complaint about melissa being too hot.

      2)  Are they comfortable and do they stretch?

    • They are incredibly comfortable. The most common feedback received relates to how comfortable the shoes are. No one really believes this until they put them on – so get them onto your feet!  melissa does not really stretch – any type of give will be negligible.

      3)  Why do they smell like bubblegum?
      A few years ago, to add to the melissa experience, the decision was made to infuse all melissa shoes with a sweet bubblegum smell.  The smell will not last forever - but it does remain for quite a few months and is one of the most talked about features of melissa.

      4)  How well do they last and how do I look after them?
      They will last very well but obviously this will depend on how well they are looked after.  They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap.

My daughter who's six gets frustrated she can't buy Melissa shoes in her size.  She wants me to buy her these Melissa Lady Dragon Heart II in purple  =D Vivienne Westwood just came out with Melissa baby shoes, but still no styles/sizes for her age.  I tell my daughter Melissa shoes are so sturdy she just might just be able to wear my shoes when she grows up.  And I'm not kidding =D


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I LOVE my Melissa too =D

Anonymous said...

what size would i get if i'm between sizes? I'm a 5.5

Viviana Orjuela - Personal Trainer. Rome Italy said...

I bought amazing Melissa' ballerinas with swarozky cristals but a bit too small, they did fit well at the store but w time they feel too tight. I love them! There is anything I could do to stretch them a bit??? Thanks for the reply in advance ! Xx vv