Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Palette

I LOVE Bobbi Brown!

Need I say more?

But I DO buy other brands  =D  I'll talk about them another time.

Anyway, a few days ago my daughter and I were in Rustan’s Shang and she requested for a ‘makeover’ at the Bobbi Brown counter.  Dennis, as always, was kind enough to indulge her.  

And while he was applying the prettiest shades of pink on her, I saw it . . . the Denim & Rose Collection.

It’s finally in Manila.

The Limited Edition Denim & Rose Palette is packaged in a chic denim zip-up case.  

Bobbi Brown describes this palette as ‘the beauty equivalent of dressed-up denim’ which can take you from day to night.

The colors are all new except for the Navajo eyeshadow which is a creamy pinkish white shade.  I have this in my Pink Raspberry Face Palette.  It’s also being sold as a regular shade in the individual square casing.

The  Navajo and Grey Denim shadows are the usual Bobbi Brown basics, but the Pink Granite Sparkle and the Dark Rinse Shimmer Wash are gorgeous! 

From left to right:  Navajo, Grey Denim, Pink Granite Sparkle and Dark Rinse Shimmer Wash Eye Shadows

The Pink Rose blush is very pretty and goes well with the eyeshadows.

It's actually nice paired with just lip gloss.  I hope they make this a regular shade.

The lip creams and glosses are lovely, especially the Hot Rose Lip Gloss.

From left to right:  Cool Rose Creamy Lip Color, Hot Rose Lip Gloss, Iced Lilac Glitter Lip Gloss, Indie Rose Creamy Lip Color

All in all the palette is a great addition to anyone's makeup collection.  It's got that Bobbi Brown signature wearable basic colors plus her perfect take on shimmer, which is pure glam and not tacky and overdone.  

And, as their website says, 'whether you’re in the mood for flushed cheeks or a sparkling, smoky eye, you’ll have plenty of options for day or night.' 

I absolutely agree.

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