Monday, September 20, 2010

Glam Ponytail

I don't have time to blow-dry my hair everyday, so I just tie it up in a ponytail.  But I love stuff that can transform my ponytail from boring to pretty.  Here are a few of them:

This headband doubles up as a ponytail holder, and I use it over Goody no-slip bands.  My six year old daughter uses it as a necklace to complement her boho-inspired maxi dresses.

This chunky ponytail holder is perfect for jeans and summer dresses.  It can also be used as a bracelet for that beachy feel.

These double combs are great for ponytails, half-ponytails and even french twists.  They have rhinestones and crystals, so they're perfect for the office or for dressier occasions.

All accessories mentioned are from Evita Peroni.  I bought them years ago, and I must say the quality is good, because the pictures above are recent ones.  My one complaint is that when the rhinestone of one of the double combs went off, the Evita Peroni store in Rockwell where I bought it couldn't replace the small piece that was missing.  I just feel that if you're selling hair accessories for P1,750 a pop (or around $38 at the current exchange rate), at least have some good post-purchase service.

A few weeks ago I bought this comb set from Suesh Makeup Toolkit.

I threw away the box, so I couldn't show you.  But all the characters were in Korean.  Sheryll, the owner of Suesh, patiently taught me how to use it.

My friend Sheila purchased these combs but couldn't quite figure it out, so I asked Jason (the pretty guy in white) to help me with the picture demo.

So here's a step by step guide for Sheila and for all of you out there who'd be interested:

First section your hair as shown below.  Then insert the bigger brown comb, longer teeth facing forward, to your hair close to the scalp.

Make sure the comb settles snugly in your hair, right below the sectioned area.

Next pull back the sectioned hair so that the brown comb is completely covered.  The resulting effect should have volume similar to teased hair (like Imelda Marcos' hair but a lot more casual).

Next use the smaller comb to secure the sectioned hair as you would a half-ponytail.  Again make sure it settles snugly in your hair.  This will hold the whole day.

You can leave this as is and wear your hair down.

Or tie it in a ponytail like I usually do, because it's so hot these days.  Notice the volume on top.  Makes your everyday look more interesting. 

Just a little makeup and you're good to go.

No need to put hair products, and the combs hold up all day.

Do you have tips on how to make simple hairstyles more interesting?  I'd love to know.  Please leave a comment or two  =D

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