Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NYX Champagne and Caviar Eyeshadow Palette

I've read a lot of good reviews about NYX Cosmetics, so I decided to purchase the Champagne and Caviar 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette to try it out.

The palette case is sleek and travel-friendly.

The collection had pretty neutral eyeshadows that looked fairly pigmented in the palette.

Unfortunately, the colors didn't look the same on my lids.  They looked washed-out when applied.  The darker browns looked more like grays.  The lighter colors were too light I can't see them.  The light pink in particular didn't look pink on my lids at all. 

I also had to apply a lot of the product before it could show up on my lids.  I noticed it was too powdery and not that compact or 'pressed' compared to what I'm used to (I have mostly Bobbi Browns, Shu Uemuras and Lancome and one Fanny Serrano eyeshadow quad, which is a GREAT product, by the way.).  When I apply eyeshadows I press them on my lids, so I can't really appreciate powdery ones.  They scatter, and they fall off.

Will I re-purchase?  Nope.  Nyx eyeshadows are not for me.  If you're looking for eyeshadows in the Nyx price range I'd recommend Fanny Serrano eyeshadows

But that's just me  =D 

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Marie Jane Rosell said...

Thank you for this review! :) I also have a Nyx palette. I'm definitely gonna try the Fanny Serrano es.. Thanks again :)