Friday, November 12, 2010

Flor's Gold

Last Saturday we had dinner at the Power Plant Mall.  The hubby bought this for me.

He said it's dessert, and he got it from the Baker's Fair at the Concourse Level.

Inside were these individually wrapped frozen Food for the Gods.

You read right . . . they're frozen.  

And they're VERY GOOD.

They're not really hard-frozen.  In fact they're very moist and chewy.  And the flavor is more concentrated.  

If you like Food for the Gods this is definitely worth trying.

Comes in original and chocolate chip flavors.

To order call 09178472386.


Anonymous said...

Just read your blog. We are so happy that you loved Flor's Gold. Hope you can share this info with more friends and order some more of our frozen food for the gods.

Thank you very much for your blog.


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious. I'd love to have a few boxes but I'm not immortal (unfortunately) so can regular humans still enjoy "Food for the Gods"??? And how much gold is required to pay for Flor's Gold??? -- Hungry in America